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Knowing that the side gates need to be installed rightaway, Mr. Marquez told me on the phone he is going to start this project rightaway (even before he receives the payment from me!) Its amazing to get to know this person, that he is so honest. Thank you very much, Paul, Ms. Vis, and Mr. Marquez for all your help.

Found them in the yellow pages and got a same day estimate with a rep coming out to my home, measuring and making suggestions for the design of the gates that would coordinate with the facade and style our our home. I contacted 2 other companies who couldn't be bothered to send out a rep, they wanted me to take measurements and then to email them photos of my present gate and pictures of what I wanted. Gee should I drive around the neighborhood looking for gates to take pictures of for them too? It took another day to get estimates returned by email. Both of which were greater that 20% greater in costs.

Marquez stated it would take one week to manufacture and 2 hours to install. Exactly one week later the gates were installed and the locks that I provided were installed and their workman was able to set the key lock to match our other door key even.

Quality, value, and a human service call all add up to a 5 star rating.

Bridget P., Montclair, CA

We had Marquez Iron Work come and do a large gate with synthetic (trex) planks, and some iron fencing for our yard. When they came out to lay the foundation for the fence and set the concrete, they did a very sloppy job, but we were told not to worry, that they would clean it up when they came to do the fence install. Well, you can probably guess, but they didn't. We had to call and complain, and they said "Oh, we're not concrete experts" and "You didn't specify you wanted it to be finished" - not that offered us that service when they quoted it, or told us it would cost extra to have the footings not look like giant sloppy puddles of cement. Or that they would be cementing over a sprinkler.

They did finally agree to fixing them up, and they look acceptable now, though not great. Be aware that "They are not concrete experts" and rather than digging out and using forms or even making the holes square, they just pour oversized sloppy puddles into crudely dug holes - so you might want to specify something different in the contract.

Also, they used "Decking" grade Trex for the gate, which is only finished on one side - so the back of the panels (visible from inside the gate) is a hideous grey plastic color. We ended up taking the thing apart ourselves and painting it so it doesn't look nasty from the inside, but that was a couple hours of work and paint we didn't really expect.

Oh, and less than a month later, the iron was rusting in multiple places. To be fair, they did come out and spray it again, but definitely wasn't quality work.

James M., Trabuco Canyon, CA

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